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in washington. he does a great job and i really enjoyed working with david and to you, tom, thank you for your leadership. always in what you do to be so helpful to the mayors. and i want to -- i know that the chairman of the nea is here. rocco, where are you at? please stand up. the chairman of the nea has joined us. he's a part of president obama's team. and we're delighted he's here. he and i just had a meeting recently. and we're going to collaborate on some things for really promoting the arts because we know that the cultural activities in communities are so important to the work that all of you do. i'm going to make some very brief remarks and spend most of the time with you on any questions or comments or issues that you would like to talk about. i think it's more important for me to listen to you. so i add my welcome to all of you, to washington. i think it goes without saying that you all have some of the toughest jobs in america. we think of the jobs that exist here in washington, whether it's the president or vice president or members of the cabinet. but you're on the ground every
of this exercise for the finance minister g-20 meeting in april in washington and then will go to the leaders in june and fit works well -- it has to work well -- it will show what goes well and what in the global economy is impossible to show what has to be changed and hopefully the government willing -- have enough good will to say, okay. we have to make an effort, the effort has to be shared, the burden-sharing problem will be of course very difficult but everybody facing the fact that the decision made by the different actors are not consistent, it -- a decisions will have to be made to try to avoid different possibility of crises. so the idea is strong, as i said strong, sustainable and balanced, strong growth, means where are the new sources of growth, and, certainly, in developing and emerging countries but again it doesn't match that easily and also you have the discussion about green economy and new sources of this but there is a long way between speeches of the green economy and the fact that really -- it really produces jobs. then you have the sustainable question, which is directl
, to your meeting with president bush, in washington, on the 31st of january, 2003. wasser main objective at that meeting, to convince the president just as you would -- had convinced him that it was important to go through the u.n. to get this first resolution, now it was necessary to get a second resolution? >> yes. the second resolution was obviously going to make life a lot easier, politically, in every respect. the difficulty was this: that 1441 had been clear and i know you went through this in enormous detail with peter goldsmith but to emphasize the point it was a very strong resolution and declared iraq was a material breach, it said that it had fully and unconditionally and immediately to cooperate and cooperate with the inspectors and so on, and it was a strong resolution. it specifically mentioned the previous resolution 678, 687 and so on. as you have heard, the truth is there was an unresolved issue. because some people, some countries, obviously, wanted to come back and only have a decision foreaction with a specific u.n. resolution specifically mandating that action. we to
reasons became an assumption in washington and into some extent reduced your leverage for negotiations? >> when you say -- did you say for tactical reasons? >> that is what jonathan powell said. >> it wasn't for tactile reasons. what i believe was that if you wanted to make a real change to this whole issue and again this is very important to understanding certainly my strategic thinking but also the strategic thinking of many people who looked at this issue. and i would probably have a far greater understanding of it today and even back then. what i believed we confronted with the new threat that was based on political ideology, but i'm religious fantasist on. it was a complete of the proper faith of islam, but it was real and active and they demonstrated their intent to go very large numbers of us that they possibly could you whatever strength you set out, not for tactical reasons, but deeps, strategic reasons is why did we need to do to make a successful assault on this ideology that was a dangerous? and therefore, the middle east peace process for me was not a kind of tactical thin
be one of the french chamber in washington. so the more difficult the best. maybe i will give a few words about france like all european and global partners in the troubled economic times since the beginning of 2008. at the end of 2008, slightly after the year, growth domestic roderick was 2.3% between the middle of 2008 in the middle of 2009 in as many of the countries we had last year since the middle of the 90's. over the year 2009 the unemployment rate wind to 9.5%, very close to the one here. it was the highest since 2005. however, many of us have pointed out that there is part of the french authorities of a crisis of economic and france has gone out of recession as soon as the second chapter of 2009. the plan announced by 25 billion havarti been spent. and help to sustain household consumption. it measures for small business and lou income households and multiple industry also. it will limit the effect of a downturn, which has been much worse. some of our big neighbors had big problems since 2008 in the middle of 2009, which has the gdp contracting from 5.2 m. german gdp contracted
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5